Dr. Diane Wolf

Dr. Diane Wolf has been a teacher for over 30 years and also happens to be an administrator.  She has served over 30 districts in professional development for ROE 17 as Assistant Regional Superintendent and currently serves Bloomington Public Schools as Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.  She is a strong advocate for teachers and the field of education.  Her unique experience of traveling nationally for AHA! Process on Working with Student from Poverty and Corwin Press on Teacher Clarity and Common Formative Assessments 2.0 have had her speak to over 10,000 teachers and administrators.  She began her professional learning journey working with teams of teachers on Standards-Aligned Classroom and now looks at policy and processes that can support solid classroom assessment practices.  Diane is a graduate of Illinois State University (’89, ’92, 95, ’15) and she is currently an adjunct professor for ISU in the Education, Administration and Foundations Department.  Audiences consistently comment on her practical ideas to implement and her candor when it comes to talking about difficult topics.  She is always excited to meet teachers and learn from them during her sessions. 

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